Why CrowdScribed is the Future of Publishing


Have you noticed the traditional publishing industry seems to be experiencing a multifaceted crisis? Publishers, trying to survive the breakneck pace of a changing retail environment, are assuming bigger financial risks than ever before with no proven way to predict a book’s success. Authors are facing changes as well, opting to use self-publishing platforms for their speed and convenience only to find that their books get immediately lost in a vast sea of titles. The rise of self-publishing has created other unexpected burdens on the industry. Not only does it represent a large financial investment for authors looking to produce well-designed, professionally-edited books, but it has also made it more and more difficult for readers to find the quality projects they crave. It makes you wonder, is this really the future of publishing? We believe the power to solve this crisis is in the hands of the readers; specifically, in their relationships with the authors who write for them.

Now with CrowdScribed, Scott Klososky’s latest startup, which is the newest platform to bring author and reader together to build better books, authors and readers have a new environment of discovery and transaction of ideas while simultaneously giving publishers a chance to preview a budding bestseller. For the first time, you – the Crowd of readers – determine what and who should be in print. If you’re an author, CrowdScribed helps you connect with fans, fund your book, and get published on a legitimate platform. If you’re a reader, it helps you find the great books, connect with authors, and have a voice in what gets published. Sound amazing? We think so. Our mission is to make a revolutionary change in the publishing industry, and it all starts with you. Watch this video to find out how!

CrowdScribed.com officially launched earlier this month with a handful of books, including Did God Invent the Internet? by our very own Scott Klososky. Check it out, sign up, and become an integral part of the future of publishing!


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